Casement windows

Casement windows are basically hinged windows set in a fixed frame, Stokesley Architectural joinery has great craftsmanship and expertise in the making and fitting of both traditional and contemporary styles of casement windows.

We can make and fit newly made casement windows, or craft  replacement windows created to complement the style and character of your home and existing windows, we can replicate exactly the style and construction of the original window, but give the added benefit of modern energy saving glass and draught proofing, therefore making your home not only more beautiful but more comfortable to live in, and more cost effective and environmentally sound too.


Today's  timber windows can be thermally efficient and free from all the irritating rattles, draughts of the past. View our section on energy saving windows for more information on how your traditional timber window can function to the highest levels of thermal efficency, saving you money, delivering a more comfortable home and cutting down your carbon footprint.

all our timber is sourced from sustainable sources