all our timber is sourced from sustainable sources energy saving certification

Energy saving windows

The average house looses approximately 15% of its heat through its windows and doors, this can be much more in a period property, rising to up to 25%.

Our doors and windows are made to the highest specifications and in full compliance with the very latest building regulations and can offer energy efficiency without losing the style or character of your the house.


Stokesley Architectural joinery double glazed windows use PLANITHERM TOTAL+ which reduces the amount of heat loss through windows and also allows more heat (energy) from the sun in through the window, boosting the solar gain.

Simply using as the double glazing unit in your windows reduces the amount of energy lost through the windows by as much as 90%.


PLANITHERM TOTAL + combines excellent thermal insulation with high solar heat gain, making is one of the most energy efficient products available for WERs. In addition, PLANITHERM offers many advantages over traditional hard coated low-E products:


  • Better thermal insulation – reducing heat loss further, saving you even more money on heating bills.
  • More comfortable rooms - better insulation means fewer cold spots and drafts near windows or doors.
  • Less condensation - the inner surface of the glass stays warmer thereby reducing the likelihood of condensation.
  • Less of a tint to the glass - this gives clearer vision through your windows and means your curtains or Georgian Bars do not look dirty or discoloured.
  • More light - less tint also means more light can enter the room, making a more comfortable environment and reducing the need for extra lighting inside.
  • Less chance of ‘haze’ (dusty effect) - this effect is more common with traditional types of thermally insulating glass due to the way it is manufactured.
  • Environmentally friendly - less need for heating helps to reduce energy consumption.

    With its optimised balance of very low emissivity and high solar gain PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ can improve the energy index for a given window bymore than 13 kWh/m2/year* when compared to hard coated low-E products.


    High performance low-E glass products such as PLANITHERM TOTAL+ are recognised by the Energy Savings Trust as being an essential component in improving the energy efficiency of windows.


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