Our Profile

For over quarter of a century, technical prowess, cutting edge designs and extensive expertise has continued to set Stokesley Architectural Joinery apart from its competitors. Whether it's a renovation project or a new build, traditional or artistic designs, Stokesley Architectural Joinery has the expertise to bring your design aspirations to life.


Boasting a skill-set that extends to all wood types, the company has established partnerships with reputable suppliers to ensure a readily available supply of any wood at any time. Its team of experts has an in-depth understanding of the properties and uses for all types of wood and can provide non-committal consultations that balance aesthetics and practical requirements to identify the right wood for your project.


With a background in pattern making - a craftsman that specialises in making intricate wooden moulds for the production of intensely detailed objects such as machinery components - Founder Philip Kendrew has brought his unique ability to work in precise detail to his team. In applying this expertise, Stokesley Architectural Joinery can meet the exact design requirements of any project, no matter how simple or ambitious.