Sash windows

The traditional box sash window has been around since the 17th century,  the overall design remains basically unchanged.  Operating  with a mechanism that consists of cords and pulleys counterbalanced with weights, traditional sash windows are not only a tangible link with our heritage but have the ability to meet the exacting requirements of modern day use, with the need to save energy consumption and conserve natural resources.


Restoring or even fitting new sash windows is far better for the environment than swapping them for plastic alternatives. Properly made and maintained sash windows can last a lifetime, far better than the estimated 20 year of the modern alternatives. See Greenpeace research document.

Today's  timber windows can be thermally efficient and free from all the irritating rattles, draughts and non sliding casements of the past. View our section on energy saving windows for more information on how your traditional sash window can function to the highest levels of thermal efficency, saving you money, delivering a more comfortable home and cutting down your carbon footprint.

As an original feature of your house sash windows are an integral part of its character and appeal, they are of benefit not only aesthetically  but also in a purely practical way as original features like sash windows add to the financial value to a property.  In a survey conducted this year 82% of estate agents confirmed this fact, and 78% even stated that houses still with original features were quicker to sell than those without.  


all our timber is sourced from sustainable sources

Services Include:

  • Sliding Sash Windows
  • Yorkshire Sash Windows
  • Box Sash Windows
  • Sash Window Restoration
  • Sash Window Repair