Whether it's a traditional cut-string or a grand spiral staircase, Stokesley Architectural Joinery can work with individual clients or architects to deliver a bespoke staircase the meets all your requirements. Its team of experts endeavour to develop an in-depth understanding of your design aspiration and provide consultation on suitable wood types to achieve the desired aesthetics while ensuring durability.

The company has a proven track record with both commercial and private clients. All staircases are handcrafted in its Stokesley-based factory where Founder Philip Kendrew has brought his unique ability to work in intricate detail - developed through his background as a pattern maker - to his team. When applied to the manufacture of railing and banisters this expertise results in eye-catching designs which perfectly compliment the characteristic of any building. It also enables the team to preserve the character of listed buildings and renovation projects, producing exact replicas of existing or damaged staircases.

Stokesley Architectural Joinery tailors protective measures during delivery to the individual shape and size of each structure, ensuring staircases arrive for installation in the same condition that they left the factory.


Services Include:

  • Cut String
  • Space Saver
  • Closed String
  • Curved & Spiral
  • Handrailing
  • Newels
  • Ballusters
  • all our timber is sourced from sustainable sources